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Everything a Professional Needs

- Powerful eStim
- Ultra Long Range (over a mile)
- Multi Dog System
- All Contact Points Are Hypoallergenic
- Wings are included

Innovative Low Pressure Contour Wings ™

Fits most dogs and fur types, hypoallergenic, and reduces pressure on your dogs skin for a more comfortable fit.

Durable and Waterproof

Not a janky e-Collar. The collar is extra tough, made with reinforced Nylon and both the receiver and remote are waterproof.

All Day Play

More like all week play. Two times longer than the leading competitor.

Dog Training Collar / Collar Training Dog

ReCollar Pro™ - Professional e-Collar Kit

The total package! Includes the receiver, remote, nylon reinforced strap, dual charger, car charger, hypo allergenic contact points, low pressure universal contact points, and lanyard.

What Everyone is Saying

Professional Grade!!!
ReCollar is the high-end e-Collar that I was looking for. It replace a crappy one that only lasted 3 months. So far it is exceptional with its durability, range, and power.
December 5, 2023
ReCollar is Elite
We exclusively use ReCollar to train hundreds of dogs per year. The great trainer pricing and excellent quality have already helped me save time and money.
December 9, 2023
Best I have found!
I have taken the training of my Belgian Malinois to the next level with ReCollar Pro. I purchased this because it has one of the longest ranges and supports multiple dogs.
December 15, 2023