Our story begins with a shared vision among a group of dedicated trainers who recognized the need for a superior training tool tailored specifically to their profession. Fueled by a desire to elevate training standards and empower fellow trainers, we embarked on a journey to develop the ultimate training solution.

Drawing upon years of hands-on experience and expertise, we meticulously crafted each aspect of our dog training e-collar products with trainers in mind. From the initial concept to the final design, every feature and functionality was meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of professional training environments. We understood the importance of seamless communication, precise control, and adaptable performance – and we spared no effort in ensuring that our products exceeded these expectations.

But our journey didn't end with the creation of a remarkable product; it was just the beginning. We believe in ongoing collaboration and continuous improvement, which is why we actively engage with trainers to gather feedback, insights, and real-world experiences. This collaborative approach allows us to evolve and innovate, ensuring that our products remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to deliver unparalleled results for trainers and their canine companions.

At our core, we are driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to empowering trainers with the tools they need to succeed. Join us on this journey as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and set new standards for professional dog training. Together, let's unleash the potential within every trainer and every dog.
Mike Bloom

Meet Mike, a seasoned veteran in the realm of product development and engineering, with a remarkable 15-year journey marked by innovation and excellence.

Matt Owanesian

Meet Matt: Charlotte native, proud father and husband, and passionate businessman with 18 years’ experience specializing in relationships and innovation. Matt gets energy leading industries from the front and exceeding the expectations of his stakeholders.